Tommy Holmes

CrossFit level 1, gymnastics, basic barbell and nutrition certified.

Certifications are good, but the best way to get good at training is to spend time doing it.  I have been certified since 2008 and have since interned or worked at several different gyms including CrossFit LA, Bally Total Fitness in LA, and Yogis Anonymous in Santa Monica, CA.  I ran a small non-profit CrossFit gym called RHF CrossFit in South Seattle for one year, which was invaluable experience.  I currently train at CrossFit Casco Bay on outer Congress in Portland, ME (highly recommended), which keeps me learning and growing as a trainer.

While I am obviously highly influenced by CrossFit, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from trainers of several different training methods and philosophies which have all rubbed off on me.  There are a few principles that I hold in a closed hand such as the need to do functional movements as the bulk of exercise, but a training session with me will often include movements and techniques that might be a bit different than what many of us would be used to.  There are a lot of training methods, such as body building and power lifting techniques, which make very effective supplements to functional training.

Additionally, I am a big believer in games and team workouts.  I often incorporate them into classes and training sessions because they help create community and keep things fun and interesting.  If you dread the workout, you can at least look forward to something fun after.

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